смешные сценки для взрослой компании
смешные сценки для веселой компании

готовые сценки-приколы для веселой компании

Даже не имеет машины.

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[Confidentiality Statement]

[Background] [Summary of financial needs]

[Company information] [Market opportunity]

[In what industry does the business operate?] [Who are the competitors?] [Have any other businesses recently entered or exited the industry?] [How will the business be profitable, and what are the growth opportunities?] [Describe any e-business opportunities.] [Any additional information]

[Who are the key members of the business team?] [How will the company be structured?] [How is the team balanced in terms of skills?]

[What is the company's management philosophy and culture? What is your leadership style?] [Describe the key management positions and compensation for those positions.] [What other professionals will assist the management team?] [Any additional information]

[Describe your product introduction, improvement, or innovation] [State the market size in dollars and units. Indicate your primary and secondary sources of data and the methods used to estimate total market size and your market share.] [Describe your distribution plans.] [Describe your pricing objectives.] [Describe your advertising and promotion efforts.] [Any additional information]

[How will the results of your marketing plan be measured and evaluated?]

[How much money do you have, and what is the actual amount of money you need to open your business (start-up budget)?] [How much money is needed to keep the business open (operating budget)? Prepare a realistic budget.] [What sources of funding do you anticipate?] [Any additional information] Financial Statements [Prepare an income statement by month for the first year of operation and by quarter for the second and third years.] [Prepare balance sheets for each of the first three years of operation.] [Any additional information] Financial Analysis [Prepare a breakeven analysis. How many units of your products or service will have to be sold to cover your costs?] [Reinforce your final projections by comparing them with industry averages for your chosen industry.] [Any additional information]

[How do you plan to get yourself (and your money) out of the business?] [Do you intend to grow the business to the point of an IPO?] [Do you intend to sell the business?] [How will investors get their money back?] [Any additional information]

[What will you do if your market develops either more slowly or more quickly than anticipated?] [How will you react to competitor challenges such as underpricing or new products that make yours obsolete?] [How will you react to favorable or unfavorable changes in the industry?] [How will you react if there is a labor shortage or other labor-related issue?] [How will you react if there is an erratic supply of products or raw materials?] [Any additional information]